Puffy Series Embossing Heat Press Machine

Our “Puffy” embossing press machines provide excellent heat distribution and offer dependable performance within your business Our two-plate system increases output and reduces production time, furthermore the plates are easy to detach and replaceable with a variety of alternative plate dimensions. High pressure is mechanized by pneumatic system with adjustable print pressure. Preparation of one plate for sublimation is possible whilst the other plate is busy pressing. The digital thermostat maintains the temperature precisely and you can adjust the amount of time that pressure is applied on fabric for with a digital timer. Puffy series are also equipped with a digital counter that allows you to keep track of the number of finished products. By using the bolts placed on top of the pistons, the applied pressure can be restricted to desired limit. For safety reasons movement of the upper plates is activated by pressing the two buttons with both hands. Plates are positioned in working height standards. Puffy Series press machines comply with CE safety standards.


  • Fabric Piece to Fabric Piece Embossing
  • Digital Paper Pieces to Pieces of Fabric
  • Digital Paper Pieces to Hard Surfaces (Wood, Glass, Metal)


  • Stone Print
  • Flock Print
  • Foil Print
  • Vinyl Print
  • Serigraphy Print
  • Offset Print


Heating System Heating Coil
Max. Temperature 230c°
Average Heating Time 20 min.
Power Supply AC 380V – 3Ph 50/60 Hz.
Air Intake Min.6 –Max.10
Applied Pressure MV600g/cm2 – 10 bar g/cm2
System Type Pneumatic
Electrical System AC İnvertör
Safety Emergency button
Warranty 2 years (User Fault Exempted)

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