DM Series

DM SERIES | Custom productıon

Diferro understands what your need is and designs custom production machines to meet your needs the best way possible.

"Different businesses have different needs and requirements."

DM Series
DL Series

DL SERIES | piece & roll to roll transfer prıntıng machine

Small but yet a powerful machine.

DL Series
DM Series

DP serıes
Piece and roll to roll calender

DM Series
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State Of The Art
Transfer Printing Machines

Diferro has been manufacturing high quality transfer printing machines for over 40 years of experience in the machinery field. By constantly gathering feedback from our numerous clients, we keep developing and improving our machines to make them even more useful, easy to use and durable. Our machines are customizable as we offer multiple configuration options to users to choose from, thus easing their production processes even more.  Our aim is to build machines that lasts many years, while also being aesthetic and eye pleasing.

Why Diferro?

Advanced Technology

Diferro combines cutting edge technology with high quality components in attempt to provide its customers best solutions. Following the last technology trends and implementing them into our production.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on customer satisfaction, We manufacture our machines in accordance with international standards as well as customer’s needs and present them with tailor cut solutions.

After-Sale Services

Taking customer satisfaction as a principle, We approach to our customers’ after-sale problems with utmost attention,given the importance of press machine technologies at their work place.

Optional Parts

Diferro offers optional accessories to choose between, that can be implemented to the machines and brings more convenience to the user.


Diferro has been manufacturing textile transfer printing machines for more than 40 years of experience,  and excelled at what it does.

Easy To Use

Diferro’s machines are easy to use, long lasting, aesthetic and well built. All of the parts of the machines could be disassembled, no welding has been used.

Get to Know Diferro.

Founded in 1985, Diferro entered the sector as a manufacturer of transfer presses, irons and steam boilers. With the production of transfer printing machines, it realized the needs of the textile industry and took great steps to speed up production and automate it.

By registering the name “Diferro Calenders” in 2009, it aimed to be the pioneer in calender and transfer printing machines, first in Turkey and then in the world, and achieved great success in the world by achieving its goals in a very short time by adopting quality production, quality materials and qualified workforce factors as its principle.


Our Production Line

Transfer Printing Calenders

DM Series Transfer Printing Machine

MP Series Transfer Printing Machine

DX Series Fabric Dye Fixation Machine

DR Series Ribbon Transfer Printing Machine

DP Series Transfer Printing Machine

DL Series Transfer Printing Machine

Heat Press Machines

Tray Type Heat Press

Cobra Series Heat Press

Dynamic Series Heat Press

Puffy Series Embossing Heat Press

Transfer Printing Machines

Thanks to innovative approach and successful R&D work, DIFERRO takes pride in offering our clients solutions with low energy consuming machine models. DIFERRO CALENDERS aim at producing efficient, user-friendly, high quality machines that will provide service to your bussiness for many years to come with mere interruption. Taking strength from our quality pre-sale & after-sale services, DIFERRO cares deeply for customer satisfaction.

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Diferro Calenders manufactures and develops reliable, user-friendly machines adopting up to date technologies in accordance with its vision, providing its clients the ultimate experience with after-sale services. The Diferro quality is based on “customer satisfaction”. The objective of the company is to build machines that comply with international standards, customers’ needs as well as their technical requirements. While the happiness of employees is the most important condition to ensure customer satisfaction in Diferro Calenders, decisions are made as per basis of ‘participation’, asking for their opinions in related fields.


As Diferro, we try to conduct all our transactions in a manner abided by international law, ethics and based on mutual trust that would benefit both Diferro and our partners, making sure we fulfill their expectations. Having excelled at what we do, we always look for and aim for higher quality, meanwhile improving our competitive capacity by implementing globally acclaimed methods and initiatives in order to set an example for those who are willing to follow our steps in the industry.


• To become one of the pioneers of the industry with our advanced applications and designs, invigorating our country’s economy and satisfying our customers.
• To dominate international markets
• To reduce the cost of energy and process as well as to increase the production rate
• To aim high efficiency by planning and taking necessary steps
• To improve staff development with regular training activities
• To gain pleasant customers by enhancing customer satisfaction

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